Quarzis' Gambit Campaign

A Chance Encounter

or... why nothing ever goes as planned

Anna steps into the tavern. A hulking seven foot six inch young man sits at one of the tavern tables having a drink. The other patrons seem to be barge-men from the river water ways, making their way down to the ocean. Ana steps up to the bar ready to order a drink.

At that moment… An orc warrior bursts into the tavern … the drink will have to wait.

The hulking young man, as Ana will learn later is named Baden, jumps to his feat. His razor-sharp reflexes take over and he runs up to the orc and punches him in the face drawing first blood. Not to be outdone, Ana’s eyes flash angrily and bolts of eldritch blast shoot out singing the top of the orc’s head.

The orc takes a mighty swing at Ana, but misses. Baden whips out his great axe and takes the orc’s arm off. It drops limply to the floor, but, unfortunately, was not its sword arm. Ana attempts to zap the orc again, but misses.

The orc is howling in pain and stabs at Baden cutting a deep gash in his arm. Baden steps back, deciding to ready his weapon in a defensive posture and regroup, blood pouring out of the gash in his arm. He winces in pain.

For some unknown reason, Ana looks visibly shaken. She glares at the barkeep and mutters under her breath “i will deal with you later.” Something has definitely upset her, for she mistakes the orc with his arm cut off for a second orc. Springing in front of him, she shouts “Oh no you don’t!” and casts eldritch blast using the invocation Agonizing Blast.

Two beams of energy shoot from her eyes and incinerate the orc. Its jaw (the only part left) drops to the ground before Baden’s feet. The hour is won – but, as soon as the “dust settles,” three other orcs barge into the tavern. One is much larger than the other, obviously their commander – and he doesn’t look happy.

“Vat happened to Grujor?” he demands, rather pointedly… at the group. The barkeep cowers in the corner.


Quarzis Quarzis

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