Quarzis' Gambit Campaign

All's Well That Ends Well

An axe in the back is worth ... not sure but it hurts a lot

The Orc Chief takes a mighty swing at Gorin and slashes into him with his great-axe.
Gorin is bloody and steadies himself wobbly against continued onslaught.

Baden stumbles back and gets up one more time. Still in his rage, he attacks the Orc
Chief. His slash decimates the Orc chief, and it is the Orc Chief’s turn to stumble back wobbling against the continuing onslaught. This amuses Baden, and he chuckles to himself as he slashes again. Unfortunately, he is distracted and his swing bounces harmlessly off the orc’s armor.

Ana decides to light up the room with Eldritch blast.

She concentrates carefully, ready to send an Eldritch blast at the hapless orc warrior. Her spell fizzles. Frowning, she calls upon her dark lord, Richard, for the might to smite. Richard must have truly smiled upon her for her bolt is true to its mark. The orc disintegrates – with only a smoking heap of ash remaining. If one looks carefully, one can almost make out the face of a maniacal lich laughing hysterically in the smoke.

Gorin steps back into the fight and takes a mighty swing at the orc. Blood and gore splash across the room. The Orc chieftain takes a mighty swing at Baden, but it bounces harmlessly off his armor.

Baden calls for some help…his health failing and he looks to see if a healer is around to help him. He thinks to himself “Okay, there is no healer so **** it.” He swings his massive axe one more time.His first swing goes wide and misses, but his second swing connects true. He decapitates his foe with a flourish and grabbing the head holds it high above his head roaring to the stars! That is when another bolt of eldritch might goes crackling from behind him – zapping the head into dust.

The mighty adventurers gaze around; the tavern is a bit disheveled. The barkeep cowers behind the bar. The other patrons have long cleared out. Perhaps now is the time for introductions, and a round a drinks couldn’t hurt either. Oh, and possibly removing the axe that is sticking out of Baden’s back. Yes, that might also be a good idea.


Quarzis Quarzis

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