Quarzis' Gambit Campaign

Interlude - Baden's Story

What the heck is a giant barbarian doing in town anyway?

While the tavern keeper calls for a healer, it may interest our dear readers as to why a seven and a half foot tall barbarian is in this particular bar at this time. He does not have the appears of one of the dock workers or bargemen. One might might mistake him for part of the fire brigade judging by the soot on his face. However, that wouldn’t be quite right either. You see, Baden’s story started much like any other story – with a father and a mother, and another mother and another father…

Baden was born to Bradien and Brielle leaders of the Mighty clan. When Baden was a baby the clan decided to move North. This was a dangerous journey so close to Winter. Orc and other green skinned villains were on the hunt for food to last them through the tough winter ahead. Bradien was a strong and fierce warrior, but not even him and his men could fight off the massive swarm of green skinned enemies. Brielle took Baden and placed him in a sack and dropped him safely under a bunch of nearby bushes. She turned to fight off the legion of Orcs and Goblins only to be run through by a nasty dirty blade. She fell to the ground dying and crawled her way over to the bush where her baby was kept hidden. As she laid there dying she pulled Baden close to her. The warmth from her body kept him warm through the night.

The next morning a pack of wild wolves came across the remains of the slaughter. A mother wolf started rooting through the brush and bramble where Brille had died and came across Baden. She picked up the sack and brought it back to the wolf den. She opened the sack and let Baden out. Baden looked at the mother wolf and grabbed on to her. The mother wolf cleaned and fed the baby and kept him for her own. Other wolves from the pack tried to attack Baden but the mother wolf was very protective of the boy and she attacked them back. Other mother wolves in the pack joined in the protection of Baden. The wolves back off and eventually accepted the child into the pack.

The boy grew up and boy did he ever grow. At the age of 8 he was the size of teenage boy. He was strong and quick for his size. Right before he reached the age of 12 another tragedy struck Baden. His adopted wolf mother passed away as she was old and it was her time to go. His brother and sister wolves left to form other packs and spread out through the forests. Baden was sad. He was all alone. When he found her dead he ran away. He ran and ran. Tears filled his eyes. A great rage filled his heart. Another one he loved was gone again. He came to a clearing and sat down on a fallen tree. He sat there crying for his dead wolf mother. As he sat there with grief and rage in his heart three goblins approached him. Now as I tell you this story of young Baden, I should also say at this time just like always goblins are not known for their brains and these three were no exception. As they approached Baden they attacked him with hurtful words and sayings. Calling him a “Cry Baby Bitch!” and “Dumb Ass Mama’s Boy!” while poking Baden with their swords. Baden quietly asked the goblins to stop and leave him alone. The goblins continued to provoke Baden. Baden stood up his heart and mind filled with rage. “STOP IT NOW!!!” When Baden stood up the 12 year old boy looked like a full grown man. He was muscular and strong…and he didn’t even exercise. They attacked Baden in full force. One goblin took a giant swipe at Baden. The attack connected right across Baden’s stomach. Baden picked the goblin up by his head. As he had him held by the head he grabbed the goblin at this legs as well and pulled the goblin apart like cheesy bread. the other goblins attack and Baden took the both of them by the heads and smashed them together. The goblin heads crushed like two grapes. It was his first senseless kill. He was always taught the it was okay to kill for food but not just to kill. It left a black spot on his heart.

He never returned to the wolf den again. He traveled to the nearest city where he was taken in by the local blacksmith Remus Blackenblade. He trained Baden in the art of blacksmithing and also sent him to school to learn how to speak, read and write. His marks were not great but he sure tried. He also learned how to control his temper and rage. It has been years since he has had an outburst. That was until tonight, the night of his 22nd birthday. It was this particular night that Baden walked to the bar for a drink…


Quarzis Quarzis

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