Quarzis' Gambit Campaign

Tavern Fights

or... an orc, a barbarian and a warlock step into a tavern

Three orcs crash into the tavern. They look around surveying the scene. A large orc, obviously their chieftain demands “Vat happened to Grujor?”rather pointedly… at the group. The barkeep cowers in the corner.

A deft young human steps out from the bar. His silken hair flows in the breeze that appears to be created just so his hair can flow. He tosses it back and glares at the orcs intruding on his carousing. “I have seen enough, foul beasts.” he states in a voice that could melt butter, were there butter in the room.

The large orc chieftain glares at him and shouts “Nobody kills my kin!” He is glaring at Baden; and appears to be avoiding the eyes of this handsome young man that just challenged him. The other two orcs kind of look at each other and shrug. One mouths “Totally jealous of the hair.” The other nods knowingly.

The Orc war chief rushes up to Baden and attacks with its great-axe and slashes down on Baden drawing another geyser of blood.

Baden isn’t having any of this nonsense. Shouting “Nobody makes me bleed my own blood!” He takes his great-axe and hits the Orc Chief. The Orc chief grunts in pain as the axe slices through his armor drawing a squirt of blood. The other two orcs sort of shrug (they know the drill).

Orc number 2 runs up and slashes at Gorin, but his swing goes wide as Gorin deftly sidesteps it. The orc’s great-axe gets lodged in the floor, and he grunts trying to pull it out.

Gorin is stunned by the ineptitude of the orc. He is laughing so hard his swing goes wild and sails past the orc who is desperately trying to dislodge his axe.

Ana glares at Orc # 2 “How dare you disrupt the peace of a disciple of The Dark Lord Richard” and fires off another Eldritch blast. Two beams of pure hatred in energy form shoot from her eyes engulfing the poor hapless orc as it tries to dislodge its great-axe. It yelps in pain. In the back of its mind, it thinks “Damn it Glug. You had a choice between this and latrine duty. Bad choice! Bad choice!”

the other orc warrior runs up to Baden and slashes him with his great-axe drawing another deep gash through his armor. Baden stagger back, blood gushing from another deep cut.

A busty young woman steps out from the bar with a large wooden placard. It reads…

“Round 2”

The Orc chief won’t give up easy and presses the attack. His great-axe cleaves into Baden driving him farther back. Bleeding profusely from his wounds he hefts up his weapon and slices into the orc chief, blood spurts from the wound. After the orc chief bellows in pain, a bit woozy, Baden backs up looking for support from his new found compatriot, Gorin.

The Orc (Number 2) manages to dislodge his great-axe from the floor, but is flustered and loses this turn. Thinking to himself, he really wonders why he got up this morning. It wasn’t even a Monday.

Gorin takes advantage of the orc’s confusion to run past without provoking an opportunity attack and slash at the Orc chief. He slashes him with a mighty blow showering all around with blood and gore. The other orcs would normally revel in being showered with blood and gore. However, taking stock of their odds… their thoughts are far from their usual fantasies of swimming in blood and entrails.

Anna glares at the orcs and mumbles a quick set of words casting poison spray at orc number 2. It gasps as the poison envelopes it… writhing in pain… it sprawls out on the ground quite dead – and also turning quite purple, and a little pink too. It is thoroughly disgusting. Anyone left in the tavern eating a meal, quickly finds their appetite fading.

The remaining orc warrior swings at Gorin and misses wildly. Obviously, he was quite fearful of what just happened to his compatriot.

However, the poisoned wreckage of the orc warrior body just enrages the orc chief who heaves his great-axe over his head and cleaves into Gorin with a mighty blow causing Gorin to stagger back!

Baden is still stunned and staggers back even further. He doesn’t feel too good.

Gorin is shaken, but still manages to counterstrike with a quick stab to the orc chief’s ribs. The orc chief does not look happy.

Anna decides that the orc chief is well in hand and concentrates two beams of eldritch blast on the remaining orc warrior, hoping to slow his progress. The beams sizzle on the orc’s hair, causing it to curse and scowl in pain. Ana curses under her breath at her feeble attacks.

The orc warrior howling in pain runs up to Anna and cleaves her with his great-axe. Anna dodges but takes a large gash in her arm as she whirls around.

The orc chief attempts to slash at Gorin again with his great-axe, but misses. Sparks fly as the axe dings off Gorin’s armor.

Gorin in turn spins around and lands a mighty blow. It is the orc chief’s turn to stagger back.

Anna, meanwhile, notices that Baden is bleeding profusely and appears pale and shaken, having staggered back towards the bar area. “This isn’t going to end well ….for the orcs” She thinks to herself.

Orc chief looks battered, but still alive and kicking. The other orc warrior’s hair is a bit singed, but otherwise looks angry and ready to cleave. Thoughts? Actions? The legend is yours for the making.


Quarzis Quarzis

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