oh! you want me to tell you the history of...


In life, Fahad was the adviser to King Zenth during the Age of Tribes. He volunteered to test of the strange sage, Eldred’s, contraption, which resulted in him becoming a sentient undead skeleton. Fahad retains all of his memories and personality and skills from his former life, but now resides in an undead skeletal body. Unfortunately, the centuries of being in this state has warped his mind a bit.

He was always quick to point out some obscure fact to aid his king. Unfortunately, he now has a LOT of obscure facts, and he attempts to tell people these facts (and history) all the time. He is good natured though. When he learned that Ana’s patron was, Richard, whom he knew in life, he immediately attached himself to her. A more loyal companion really couldn’t be found – although, sometimes one in which ear plugs (or a convenient silence spell) is recommended.


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