Life Eater Candle

A black candle that emits a black, light-less flame


A black tallow candle that sits in a platinum candle holder. The flame is pure blackness, and no light emits from it.

If the command word “drah-cir” is uttered, the candle’s flame pulses and a wave of necrotic life-draining energy pours forth in a 30 foot radius of the holder of the candle. Anyone not touching the candle suffers 3d10 necrotic damage (wisdom save DC 16 for 1/2 damage).

The candle takes 8 hours to “digest” the life energy it has sapped from the souls around it. The candle cannot be used again until this 8 hours is up. Uttering the command word will result in a tiny little “belch” of blackness from the flame.


Little is currently known about the Life Eater Candle (not true… YOU simply know little about the Life Eater Candle… muahahaha… hope you don’t have a Legend Lore spell handy). It was first encountered by Ana-Mollie in the Black Academy. The matron of the Black Academy, Lady Vargas, informed Ana of its powers and that each time it fed, the life force energy was transmitted back to the Academy for us in their experiments. She asked Ana to use it on her journey for Richard in order that it may serve her and the Academy.

Life Eater Candle

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