Ring of the Blackenblades

A ring that has been in the Blackenblade family for centuries.


The ring is very large and is made of gold and silver with a large round polished orb of black jade affixed in the center. The Blackenblade family crest is etched in the center of the stone and accentuated with gold paint.

The ring will automatically size itself to fit any size humanoid finger (from that of a tiny halfling to even as large as a stone giant). However, if a person of evil alignment attempts to wear the ring, the ring will deal 1d10 radiant damage for every round it remains on the evil humanoid’s finger. A saving throw against DC 10 may be made when the ring is first attempted to be worn for half damage (as the creature realizes the power of the ring and manages to take it off with just a holy spanking).

The ring acts as a ring of protect +1 (+1 to the AC of anyone that wears the ring). The wearer of the ring may also cast protection from evil once per day. The wearer automatically senses the power to do this when he or she first places the ring on his or her finger. The spell acts as the normal protection from evil and good spell, but only protects against: aberrations, fiends and undead. In addition, no material, verbal or somatic components are required.


The Ring of the Blackenblades was forged long ago by Furen Blackenblade as a gift to his son, Guren, on the occasion of his wedding to Doree of the Hammersmash clan. The Blackenblade clan had long been renowned blacksmiths and metal workers, forging weapons, armor and jewelry of fine intricacy, beauty and polish. However, while many of the clan focused on the traditional weapons and armor the dwarves are so well known for, Furen was always partial to jewelry-smithing. This ring was his finest creation, and quite the envy of Guren’s cousins.

The ring was passed down from Guren to his son, Terun, to Terun’s son, Semus. Semus, however, did not fit the usual Blackenblade mold of a fine blacksmith or jewelry-smith. Semus was a warrior, and a fine warrior at that. When the clans were called to do battle against the Lich-King, Vecna, Semus was one of the first in line. The tales of those wars are old and full of heroic deeds and tragic losses. Semus, however, came back from those wars and never spoke a word of his part to anyone. However, he was surely changed and never picked up a blade again, merely fingering his ancestral ring and looking quietly over his shoulder at any sudden sound.

Only upon his death bed, was his wife, gently bending over his body as he gasped his last breath, able to hear him whisper “The dead walk in the north… tell Merus… the ring… must protect….” Semus’s son, Merus, inherited the ring, and it was at this time, more of what must have happened to Semus was uncovered. For upon donning the ring after his father’s body was turned to ash on his funeral pyre, did a sudden understanding wash over Merus. Somehow, his father had risked his life to save a young elven cleric of Pelor from an onslaught of horrible undead monstrosities led by a lesser demon besieging the armies of the clans, humans and elves in the Battle of Chendl.

Very few dwarves survived that battle; and, of the ones that did, all died of strange causes within a year of it. All, except for Semus. There were whispered rumors of a curse that descended from the demonic force – but with all the survivors dead except Semus, and Semus not talking, none truly knew what had occurred. For their part, the elves never spoke of the battle, fearing that somehow they would bring the same fate as had befallen the dwarves if they were to ever utter a word about it. No humans that took part in the battle survived, so loose human lips could not be pried open.

What Merus surmised from the power and fragmented pieces of memory from the ring was that his father had saved the cleric of Pelor, and in that moment with the army of undead and demonic forces bearing down, Pelor had granted a blessing in thanks imbuing the ring with a bit of Pelor’s protective power. Merus understood he should never speak of what he had learned, but continue to pass the ring down his line to ensure the protection of the Blackenblade clan. So it is that he passed it to his son, Kermus, who in turn passed it to his son, Remus. Each, understanding a little bit of what it meant to be a descendant of Semus once donning the ring.

Ring of the Blackenblades

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