Kingdom of Zenthia Timeline

Zenthian Time Line

Age of the Tribes (AT)

1 AT – Roaming tribes of humans merged into a loose confederacy and claimed much of what is modern day Zenthia as their home. They traded and warred, on and off, with the dwarves and elves in the area for over a century. They coexisted peacefully with the halflings and gnomes in the area, trading with both races extensively. Gnoman technology began to be widely prized by the humans.

115 AT – The orcs of Kazshtaz invaded the human and halfling villages. Shortly after, the orcs began waging war on the dwarves and elves in the area. The humans, dwarves, elves and halflings forged the “Alliance of Zenth” under the command of the half-elf, Zenth “the orc-crusher” Silvertree. A period of devestating war ensued for over ten years.

125 AT – the orcs of Kazshtaz are routed at the Battle of Blood Creek. The humans, dwarves, elves and halflings are decimated. They quickly agree to unite permanently against future threats under the hero of the war, Zenth. The Kingdom of Zenthia is born. The gnomes, large suppliers of weapons to the alliance during the war, continue their trade with the Kingdom of Zenthia. The technological boom propels Zenthia into the status of one of the foremost powers of the southern island.

135 AT – King Zenth dies peacefully in his sleep. He is succeed in succession by his sons and daughters for another 300 years. Peace blossoms in the Kingdom of Zenthia.

435 AT – Sive, the Right Bastard, is born to Queen Tamela, ruler of Zenthia. Upon succeeding to the throne at the age of 16 after his mother’s and father’s untimely death, in a never explained accidental carriage explosion, he quickly invites the orcs of Kazshtaz, which had been regrouping far to the north of Zenthia, to join the Kingdom of Zenthia. Within a year, the orcs have taken over as Sive’s “royal guard” and the population is essentally enslaved.

440 AT – A group of adventuring vagabonds uncover a plot hatched decades before by certain unscrupulous Zenthian merchant guilds and the orcs of Kazshtaz to take over Zenthia and plunder its wealth. Brought to light, the major political factions of Zenthia organize and mobilize against the king and his orc thugs. The ensuing civil war lasts aproximately three years.

Age of Expansion (AE)

1 AE – The forces of King Sive are defeated at the Battle of Thunder Rock. The King is slain in battle, and upon his death reverts to his true form, a doppelganger. The population finally has proof that the rightful king had been slain at birth and replaced by the imposter. Without an heir to the throne, the people look to the leader of the adventuring group that first uncovered the plot, Reginald of Glencoe, and install him as the new King of Zenthia. He and his heirs rule for the next 400 years.

125 AE – Trade with the kingdoms and cities to the north begins to become disrupted as the defeated orcs of Kazshtaz have regrouped and begun choosing easier pray.

145 AE – A band of adventuring vagabonds soundly defeats the orcs of Kazshtaz opening up the trade routes once again. All of Zenthia becomes awash in the wealth of renewed trade.

400 AE – King Silas dies prematurely at the age of 15. He is heirless. The Kingdom of Zenthia is once again without an heir to the thrown.

Age of the Houses (AH) – The current age

1 AH – Over the past 100 years, wealthy clans have developed through out the kingdom becoming the ruling class. These noble houses convene monthly to advise the king of queen on necessary laws. After the death of King Silas, the houses convene a meeting and elect one of their own as the new queen of Zenthia, Queen Abligine, of House Mercer. Queen Abligine enacts numerous reforms and increases the power of the “Congress of Houses” in making law for Zenthia. House Mercer rules Zenthia for the next 200 years.

200 AH – The Congress of Houses elects Kirm of House Eldren as the king of Zenthia. House Eldren rules for the next 100 years.

300 AH – The Congress of Houses elects Skortho of House Verte as the king of Zenthia. House Verte rules for the next 200 years. The village of Kahlstaad becomes the city of Kahlstaad after an influx of adventurers attemptng to destroy the tomb of Azeraruk.

350 AH – The undead pirates begin attacking the southern trade routes of Zenthia.

500 AH – The Congress of Houses elects Harold “the Vicar” of House Edronia as the king of Zenthia. The Vicar moves the capital city of Zenthia to Kahlstaad and launches a war against the undead pirates.

515 AH – The Vicar routes the undead pirates at the decisive Battle of Rotting Sea. The undead pirates begin to disapear from the south of Zenthia.

520 AH – The Vicar passes away. His daughter, Jelia, assumes the throne as the queen of Zenthia. 100 years of tenous peace and prosperity ensue.

620 AH – The present day. What adventure awaits?!

Kingdom of Zenthia Timeline

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