The City of Kahlstaad

The City of Kahlstaad
Capital City of Zenthia

History (Known by any player with local history)

The City of Kahlstaad is a rather new city, only becoming a city in the past 300 years. It has only been the capital of Zenthia in the past 100 years, when Harold “the Vicar” of House Edronia succeeded the former king, Chatz of House Verte, upon his passing. House Verte had ruled Zenthia in succession for over 200 years. Upon King Harold assuming the throne, he moved the capital to Kahlstaad, partly to shore up support for his wars against the undead pirates of the southern seas, and partly to differentiate himself and his house from the past 200 years of rule by House Verte.

Kahlstaad was for a long time a small, remote fishing village. Its history extends back over a millennia. However, it was the tomb of the mad-lich, Azereruk (any resemblance to another fictional lich is totally coincidental), that brought the tiny little fishing village out of obscurity. For adventurers far and wide came to seek its treasures, and Kahlstaad grew into a sizable port city, catering to their… exotic needs. After the evil of Acererak was defeated, and the tomb buried, the town had already become such a thriving port city that it continued to grow. It was perfectly poised as a trade city between the riches to the west and south and the rest of Zenthia. However, the southern riches were to soon become a nightmare.

Out of nowhere, dread pirates rose to plunder the spoils leading into Kahlstaad. However, these were no ordinary pirates, but undead, unholy creatures. They sailed the seas, looking for plunder and ever adding to their ranks through the drowned souls of the men they killed at sea.

Harold, known as the “Vicar” for his ferocious war against the undead pirates, lead wave after wave against the undead pirates. By the end of his reign, the undead pirates had been reduced greatly in number, and trade once again flourished. However, all Kahlstaadian’s know – the price of their fortune is constant vigilance against a return of the undead pirates.

Today Kahlstaad remains a resplendent and wealth capital city. However, under the wealth lies men and women of hardened steel. From a young age, all boys, and even girls, are taught how to fight, and, specifically, how to destroy the undead. The Zenthian royal navy is one of the finest in the lands, and it makes it main base in, and recruits many of its best captains and admirals from, Kahlstaad

The City of Kahlstaad

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