Quarzis' Gambit Campaign

The story... so far

Recap time, because the DM stopped taking blow-by-blow notes

To catch everyone up on the story so far, the DM is going to take a little liberties with details. This is primarily due to the fact that the DM stopped doing post-game recaps, and so needs to fudge things here and there.

Remembering the last time the party went adventuring nearly cost him his life, Teolis stopped by the local Wizard Enclave (conveniently located close to the Black Academy) to learn some magic for the next adventure. Being a bit of a wanderer without much coin, he agreed to owe the wizards a quest rather than provide up-front payment.

The party returned to the Tomb of King Harold. They went through the secret passageway that Teolis had found in their previous foray. There they met and defeated several gnoll warriors. Anvak went mad with blood lust and took off down a hallway trying to slaughter as many gnolls as possible. He ended up far from the other party members, surrounded by gnoll warriors, which proved to be his doom. By the time the others arrived and dispatched the gnolls, he lay bloodied and broken of body on the cold dungeon ground. The party surmised that the gnoll warriors had been making a last stand to buy time for the gnoll women and children to flee the tomb through and alternative entrance. The gnolls destroyed the entrance behind them, and the party must move on down the tomb. However, before they go, they look to recover the body of their fallen comrade. It seems to have gone missing. Chalking it up to probably rotting into the ground, the party moves on.

When they finally reached the true resting place of King Harold, they found a scroll that detailed the machinations and the creation of the Undead Pirates. The most important thing they learned was that there was a dreadful machine, created by some weird alchemist/sage/wizard guy from the future. It was split into three pieces and those pieces hidden in tombs across the lands of Zenthia to safeguard them and ensure the terrible undead creating machine never resurfaced. In addition, they met Fahad – a former counselor to King Zenth. He had been turned into a sentient undead by the machine. He had continued to “counsel” (although under their breath, they might rather call it annoy) the kings and queens of Zenthia, until King Harold’s death. After which, the new queen, Jelia, asks Fahad to guard the scroll, because he is the only one she can trust. Two birds… one stone.

Fahad agrees to go with the party. It turns out, he knew Ana’s patron, Richard. He has lots of stories to tell… and he tells them… ad nauseam. The party also manages to grab three treasure chests guarded by many of the stone statues that they had encountered in their first adventure to the tomb. They then head back to Kahlstaad and update Lady Vargas at the Black Academy.

Back in town, the party meets up with a renowned writer of books and lore seeker, Marek. Figuring he may be useful, the party asks him to tag along. Marek begins writing it all down in his notebook – trappings for an epic quest.

Speaking with Lady Vargas, she indicates several areas where the tombs that the pieces of the machine might be. She asks them to seek them out and grab the pieces to safeguard them from other forces in the kingdom that seek to use the machine for their own purposes. The party decides to head out to the orc town of Kargoll, where one of the tombs is rumored to be located.

On the way, the party stumbles across orcs doing some strange ritual. The orcs attack and are soundly defeated by the heroooo… party. They notice that the orcs wear the symbol of the chaos gods.

Eventually, the party gets to Kargoll, where they are hailed by the half-orc leader, and learn the town used to be a human town. It was given to the orcs after the war, and they agreed to guard this area. After dusk, the town is besieged by zombies. The party defeats the zombie horde, and learn that zombies and other undead abominations have been pouring out of a local tomb, the Tomb of Eldred. The party realize that this is probably the tomb they were looking for and go investigate.

Inside the tomb, they meet many abominations. They notice that the zombies are flowing through the hallways, and heading out of the tomb to go on their brain-eating sprees. While exploring, the party runs into two ghosts, Binky and Sam. The ghosts were awakened recently, and are very unhappy about it. They ask the party to find what is disturbing the dead, and put an end to it.

And that… is the recap in a nutshell.


Quarzis Quarzis

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