Orc warrior


Fung is a hulking orc warrior that prefers the use of sword and shield fighting tactics. He is garrisoned at Kargoll, an orc border town to the east of Zenthia.


Fung was a typical orc guard, until he met a party of strange humans and half-elves. This party agreed to seek out the undead plague that threatened Kargoll. Fung volunteered to accompany them. He has seen much. His two fellow orc guards that accompanied him on this journey succumbed to defeat and death in the Tomb of Eldred. Fung has carved their names on his shield in each’s own blood (a superstition amongst his people that their spirits can infuse to protect) – Glig and Dorg. He calls upon them to protect him and the party when in dire need.

Fung has proved his mettle many a time. He already feels far stronger and a surer fighter than before he entered this damned tomb.


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