Quarzis' Gambit Campaign

A New Hop.... err... Friend

Sometimes a vampire in need is a friend indeed

When we last left our stalwart band of adventurers, they were hot on the heals of the mysterious Chaos cult searching for the parts of the machine that could potentially lead to a horde of undead roaming the land. The party had decided that Richard’s tomb was the place to start their epic quest and headed post haste there. Except, by post haste, the party actually meant “lets stop at every town or interesting rock formation we come across.” Queue their entrance to the town of Cedarskil.

The party is confronted by a town on the brink of madness and horror. Their precious sheep have been turning up dead, the blood drained from their lifeless corpses. A ghostly woman has been seen late at night. Strangely enough, Ana is mistaken, at first, for this ghostly apparition. The party does some digging and finally arrives at the town’s graveyard. There they find an old crypt named for the Mollies, it appears Ana’s family has a history in this town.

They venture into the crypt only to find a group of Ogres camping out. Their poor orc body guard, Glig, falls to the ogres merciless onslaught. However, the party is able to defeat the rest of the ogres and venture forth. They find a lone rust monster in a room. Not wishing their equipment to become the monstrosity’s next snack, they side step this particular room. However, as they continue further they stumble upon a group of trolls.

After a fierce battle, the party dispatches the trolls. Ana uses a new spell and one of the trolls rips its own skin off and becomes a skeleton under her control. The party has replaced poor Glig rather quickly. The party finds themselves in an old tomb with sarcophagis all around. One of the sarcophagus has Ana’s grandmother’s name etched in it, Serea Mollie. Teolis and Crow also found a map to the fabled city of Nazo’dran, which was said to have been overrun by demon horde. A mark of R was found both on the map over the city and on an altar in the tomb.

Crow read the infernal inscriptions on the altar and summoned an imp. When the imp asked him what he wanted, he responded the way Crow would be expected to respond… he said “I want everything.” The imp looked at him in disbelief and shrugged. He noted he had to talk to the boss, and with a poof – was gone. When he blinked back into the room, he informed Crow that it would be waiting for him at the tomb and handed him a gold key. He noticed Fahad and was like “What up, dog?” Fahad just nodded and said “Yo Carl. How’s it going?” Carl the imp just shrugged, “you know… another day, another soul for the boss. Catch ya on the flip side Fahad.” With that, the imp disappeared.

After searching around, the party’s attention was drawn to a corner coffin, which had just opened. Out of it stepped a lithe young woman, that looked sort of like Ana with red hair and pale, pale skin.

The party found out she was a young woman that had run off to Kaalstaad, but along the way had fallen for a vampire that turned her into a fledgling vampire. She had been the one killing the sheep, as she some how had retained her humanity and didn’t want to kill and drink the blood of her friends left in the town. She introduced herself as Klaretha. Crow was particularly taken with her, and the party decided to bring her along with them.

Before the party left the tomb, Ana had her new skeleton servant open her grandmother’s sarcophagus. It was completely empty…


Quarzis Quarzis

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