Sorek's Beer Enhancement

Sorek’s Beer Enhancement (Ritual)
1st-level alteration

Casting Time: 30 minutes (60 minutes if done as ritual)
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (a pinch of dust of kopi bat guano worth 5 gp per 10 gallons treated)
Duration: Permanent

This spell can affect up to 10 gallons per level of caster. This spell alters the flavor of beer, and other grain-based alcohols to give them exceptional flavor. Their characteristics are altered to be exceptionally smooth, rich tasting, and leave a faintly honeyed aftertaste on the palate. Any beer affected by this spell is considered the best quality alcohol of a grain nature that one can buy. This spell does not work on alcohol created from other types of ingredients (e.g., won’t affect wine).

Kopi bat guano__ – is a rare, an expensive type of powder ground from the excrement of the Kopi Bats, which only reside on the Island of Antuba. The bats often eat ants that gather berries from the Sidikalang bush, and often ingest these berries along with the ants. The hard inner seed of the berry is then defecated out. However, the enzymes of the Kopi Bats breaks down the seed and changes the composition of the guano. It was discovered by the native inhabitants of Antuba, the Ashgaroth, that ground up it made a pleasant, toasty spicy flavor which they would often add to drinks and light desserts.

Sorek's Beer Enhancement

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